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The Jane Goodall Institute

If you have a look at our goals and mission you can see why we want to support the Jane Goodall Institute (JGI) in every way we can. The JGI has been very active to observe, protect and preserve the chimpanzees and their habitat in different places in Africa. Seeing the rainforest being more and more threatened by e.g. deforestation and poachers, they supported the neighboring villages with a range of sustainable development cooperation in order to reinstall the harmony between nature, animals and humans: starting up micro credit schemes, encouraging sustainable forest management, cultivating shade-grown organic coffee are but few extraordinary examples of the major achievements. In addition, Dr. Jane Goodall has always had a profound hope in the new younger generations. Today her global Roots and Shoots program has spread in more than 100 countries with about 600 different groups of young people doing something with environment, animals and people. You or your children can also start a group and the JGI-Belgium can help you with it. Sunbeams will help to promote the JGI in general by selling their merchandise (see Presents) at our events (they can be ordered beforehand). We will help to promote the Roots and Shoots Program, by spreading the word through our website, our info packages and our future e-newsletter, by inviting speakers of the JGI-Belgium, and by connecting people. We will also let you know when Jane Goodall herself has a presentation in Belgium, and everyone who has seen and heard her speak young and old will never forget this special moment!! We will also support the JGI-Belgium in the sales of tickets for such occasions. In 2010, the JGI will have its 50 years anniversary and Sunbeams will be supporting JGI-Belgium with the celebrations. The JGI-Belgium will also spread the word on Sunbeams at their events and on their website! For more information please visit: and as well as Read more

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