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sunbeams tree planting event - credit card payment

If you prefer to pay for your trees by credit card you may do so using paypal using the button below.
However in this case please note that, due to credit card processing fees, we have to add 10% to the cost of each tree.


Number of Trees

Brussels based not-for-profit seeks a dynamic, self-starter to initiate, organize, and orchestrate all activities and events as well as manage volunteer staff in a month long public education and participation program in the Brussels area.  This short-term, temporary position, with the option to continue long term, will focus for a period of six months beginning in November 2010.  The March 2011 program will promote trees as an integral part of sustainable living to Belgians and other internationals residing in Belgium.  The month’s events aim to raise awareness about the value of trees in air and water filtration, soil erosion control, and biodiversity; enable participation in tree planting in Belgium; and to empower children and adults alike to continue taking action for tree preservation and continued reforestation in Belgium and beyond.  Activities are directed in English primarily.


-      Project management: project cycle

-      Use of planning software

-      Managing deadlines and working under pressure

-      Experience in running projects

-      Good coordination skills

-      Good team leadership skills

-      Ability to empower volunteers through delegation

-      Diplomacy

Project Period: November 2010 to May 2011

Sunbeams is a not for profit organisation (ASBL / VZW) registered in Belgium. Our mission is to inform, enable and empower individuals to take positive steps towards sustainable lifestyles.



Interested persons should electronically forward CVs to:   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

or contact Ilke Pedersen-Beyst at: 0488/878.014

The October (2010) issue of the Sunbeams Newsletter is now online.newsletter1008tn


in this issue: 

a look at GMOs

sunbeams events

'tune in' to birds this autumn

change is in the air

 icon read the newsletter (PDF 600Kb)




sunbeams is pround to be supported by the King Baudouin Foundation. The King Baudouin Foundation is an independent and pluralistic foundation that pursues sustainable ways to bring about justice, democracy and respect for diversity and is supported by the Belgian National Lottery.

sunbeams and the Jane Goodall Institute


If you have a look at our goals and mission you can see why we want to support the Jane Goodall Institute (JGI) in every way we can. The JGI has been very active to observe, protect and preserve the chimpanzees and their habitat in different places in Africa. Seeing the rainforest being more and more threatened by e.g. deforestation and poachers, they supported the neighboring villages with a range of sustainable development cooperation in order to reinstall the harmony between nature, animals and humans: starting up micro credit schemes, encouraging sustainable forest management, cultivating shade-grown organic coffee are but few extraordinary examples of the major achievements. In addition, Dr. Jane Goodall has always had a profound hope in the new younger generations. Today her global Roots and Shoots program has spread in more than 100 countries with about 600 different groups of young people doing something with environment, animals and people. You or your children can also start a group and the JGI-Belgium can help you with it.


Sunbeams will help to promote the JGI in general by selling their merchandise (see Presents) at our events (they can be ordered beforehand). We will help to promote the Roots and Shoots Program, by spreading the word through our website, our info packages and our future e-newsletter, by inviting speakers of the JGI-Belgium, and by connecting people. We will also let you know when Jane Goodall herself has a presentation in Belgium, and everyone who has seen and heard her speak – young and old – will never forget this special moment!! We will also support the JGI-Belgium in the sales of tickets for such occasions. In 2010, the JGI will have its 50 years anniversary and Sunbeams will be supporting JGI-Belgium with the celebrations. The JGI-Belgium will also spread the word on Sunbeams at their events and on their website! For more information please visit: and as well as


icon For more information, read the October 2009 issue of the Sunbeams newsletter

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Jane Goodall Institute Belgium


Sunbeams has teamed up with the Jane Goodall Institute Belgium. Please click here if you want to receive the e-newsletter of Jane Goodall Institute Belgium working for animals, people and the environment.

King Baudouin Foundation


Sunbeams is proud to be supported by the King Baudouin Foundation. The King Baudouin Foundation is an independent and pluralistic foundation that pursues sustainable ways to bring about justice, democracy and respect for diversity and is supported by the Belgian National Lottery.

To find out more about our partners and us, check out our Achievements page.

Here, we will summarise the environmental policies and progress of the communes in and around brussels. If you have any information or news, good or bad, that you think should be added, please let us know.

For a start, here is a list of each of the communes who have assigned a person to be responsible for implementing Agenda 21.

Woluwe Saint-Pierre

Woluwe Saint-Pierre has had a dedicated person for the implementation of Agenda 21, Mrs. Muriel Frisque, for several years. The commune also has a dedicated webpage (in English) for its Agenda 21 programme.

Sunbeams organizes different types of events covering a more eco-friendly lifestyle - in English - at different locations in and around Brussels. We provide presentations and workshops for adults and children, participate at fairs and organize an annual tree planting event in spring.

Presentations and workshops

  1. Sustainable living in Belgium
  2. Environment: e.g. how to launch an environmental campaign/week at a school
  3. Composting Workshop (with Belgian master composters)
  4. Wildlife and birds protection (with our ornithologist)
  5. Energy saving, subsidies in Belgium and green suppliers
  6. Energy saving: water, heating and electricity (with our energy specialist)
  7. Impact of what you eat on the environment (e.g. food miles, meat, organic)
  8. Eco-parties, presents and wrapping
  9. Writing, design and making a youth newsletter (with our writing and design expert) - children only 8 - 10 and 12 - 14 yo. Series of 4 workshops: 1h-1h ½ per session
  10. Handcrafts: e.g. crochet classes and recycling workshops
  11. Healthy gardening
  12. Healthy homes
  13. Personal health and well-being (with our naturopath)
  14. Eco-labels in Belgium
  15. Other events in cooperation with other organisations and companies: e.g. Belgian Forest Associations,,, Serve the City, etc...

Presentations are held at your location: business premises, expat meeting groups, civic organizations, mother's groups, churches, schools, children's groups such as Brownies/Girl Guides or Boy Scouts.

We are also happy to develop a presentation on a specific topic of your choice, again incorporating simple steps for making lifestyle changes. Sunbeams is also prepared to work with children and present on a range of topics in the classroom or elsewhere, sharing information, providing challenges to children to stimulate thought and discussion, and initiate action or lifestyle changes. All presentations and workshop focus on practical issues: what you can do as an individual to make a difference – with links to Belgium wherever possible.

If you could offer us your expertise to make presentations for Sunbeams, please do not hesitate to contact us: just click here

participate_100Here you can post personal and practical advice which you would like to share with other expatriates living here in Belgium. Anything useful you encounter in your quest to reduce the impact of your lifestyle on the environment can be posted here. You may also want to browse our articles, small steps and eco-challenges if you wish to comment on those.

Here are our first contributions:


"I asked my cleaning lady, Linda, to test some environmentally friendly cleaning products and we were both happy with the result. We gradually changed all products in the house. Now she even succeeded to promote the same products towards THREE other of her employers. She works at five different homes and her aim is to convince the last two ones to do the same. Imagine, if everyone would do like her!".


"Every time we get the annual bill for gas, electricity or water, I gather the whole family and we ask everyone including the children how we could save some money. It is amazing what the children come up with! They really have some great ideas and in this way they feel involved and responsible!".

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