events_100We organize different types of events on a more eco-friendly lifestyle - in English - at different locations in and around Brussels.

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Energy Challenge Sessions

The Brussels Institute for the Environment challenges all households to take some easy steps to reduce their use of energy (electricity, heating and water). They have trained some people to speak to small groups of people gathering at somebody's home. These trained specialists explain how you can save energy in your house by simple gestures which do not cost anything or not much. They show that savings in electricity, gas and water can be done easily and will help to reduce the CO2 emissions and your annual bills. This module was developed by the BIM/IGBE and is called Energie Uitdaging or Defi Energiand we managed to find speakers who can do it in English for us. Anyone can host these events at their place as long as you find an audience of 8-10 people.

See our calendar for details of the next event.

Specific Topics

A speaker specialized in a specific topic will pass on very practical information, e.g.:

  • Solar Panels: e.g. which steps to take in order to install solar panels on your roof, how get most of the expenses paid back by local authorities, how to show your landlord/lady there is a benefit in it for him/her as well, and how to work together with your Belgian/expat neighbors on making your own energy;

  • Eco-gardening: e.g. how to keep you lawn nice without putting a burden on the environment and how to attract wildlife to your own garden; 

  • Organic clothing;

  • Composting;

  • Home energy audits: together we go through (a part of) somebody’s house to improve things in a more eco-friendly way (we will find an expert to do the audit);

  • Changing energy supplier: how to change to a green supplier, which data you need and how to download and fill in the new contract.


In these meetings we do a brainstorming exercise among us on an agreed topic with one to steer the discussion, e.g.:

- How to prepare your garden for the winter (plants and wildlife);

- How to have a more eco-friendly Christmas (presents, decorations, food);

- Children’s parties: on how to make them more eco-friendly.

Common Events

We will start organizing common events with different agencies and authorities on several topics. The first of these Common Events will be held at selected international schools in the Spring. More info will follow later.

Please check our Notice Board for events organized by others.

Here is a list of past events we have organised