Sunbeams organizes different types of events covering a more eco-friendly lifestyle - in English - at different locations in and around Brussels. We provide presentations and workshops for adults and children, participate at fairs and organize an annual tree planting event in spring.

Presentations and workshops

  1. Sustainable living in Belgium
  2. Environment: e.g. how to launch an environmental campaign/week at a school
  3. Composting Workshop (with Belgian master composters)
  4. Wildlife and birds protection (with our ornithologist)
  5. Energy saving, subsidies in Belgium and green suppliers
  6. Energy saving: water, heating and electricity (with our energy specialist)
  7. Impact of what you eat on the environment (e.g. food miles, meat, organic)
  8. Eco-parties, presents and wrapping
  9. Writing, design and making a youth newsletter (with our writing and design expert) - children only 8 - 10 and 12 - 14 yo. Series of 4 workshops: 1h-1h per session
  10. Handcrafts: e.g. crochet classes and recycling workshops
  11. Healthy gardening
  12. Healthy homes
  13. Personal health and well-being (with our naturopath)
  14. Eco-labels in Belgium
  15. Other events in cooperation with other organisations and companies: e.g. Belgian Forest Associations,,, Serve the City, etc...

Presentations are held at your location: business premises, expat meeting groups, civic organizations, mother's groups, churches, schools, children's groups such as Brownies/Girl Guides or Boy Scouts.

We are also happy to develop a presentation on a specific topic of your choice, again incorporating simple steps for making lifestyle changes. Sunbeams is also prepared to work with children and present on a range of topics in the classroom or elsewhere, sharing information, providing challenges to children to stimulate thought and discussion, and initiate action or lifestyle changes. All presentations and workshop focus on practical issues: what you can do as an individual to make a difference with links to Belgium wherever possible.

If you could offer us your expertise to make presentations for Sunbeams, please do not hesitate to contact us: just click here