2010 International Year of Biodiversity

Written by Leanne
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Sunbeams has written a series of articles to celebrate the International Year of Biodiversity. 

biod2010_LogoJoin us to make small steps for biodiversity around us.  

Sunbeams articles on what you can do for biodiversity:

Sunbeams articles on biodiversity in Away Magazine:

  • Interview with IUCN representative, by Leanne Halewyck [Jan-Feb 2010]
  • Permaculture, by Dave Meyer [Mar-Apr 2010]
  • You and me and biodiversity, by Ilke [May-June 2010] (available here soon )

Sunbeams article in Small Talk (BCT):

Celebrating biodiversity with children [June 2010] (available here soon)

Sunbeams Events related to biodiversity:

  • 4 Workshops for children on nature and wildlife (as from October 2010)
  • Annual workshop for adults on wildlife in Belgium (fall)
  • Annual tree planting event (spring)
  • Annual composting event (May-June)
  • Build a herb spiral together with Sunbeams in your commune
  • Guided nature walk in ZoniŽnwoud/ForÍt de Soignes (in the fall)

Other events focusing on biodiversity:

  • Natuurpunt needs your help to count biodiversity in your garden, weekend of 22-23 May 2010 www.waarnemingen.be
  • EU Green Week, 2-5 June 2010
  • Environmental Party outdoor in Jubelpark/Cinquantenaire, 6 June 2010 (come and see us at the Sunbeams stand)

Useful links can be found in all teh above articles, and here are a few more:
Check out the activities at the Museum of Natural Sciences and their focus on Biodiversity
Order a little booklet with 366 ideas on what you can do for biodiversity in Dutch:
or in French:

More Sunbeams articles relating to specific areas of biodiversity:

This article was originally published in the January 2010 issue of the Away Magazine.

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