Tree Planting Event 2010 - Dedications

Written by Morgan
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a selection of the dedications attached to the trees of our new forest:

  • This tree is just for my family

  • To my mum who provided the cakes and to my dad who did nothing at all – Sophia
    For the environment

  • I hope that pollution will stop and oceans will be protected – David

  • For Terry, may it grow kind

  • For when we grow up we have a better environment – Almond

  • From my family in Belgium to my family in Scotland and to my friends in Belgium with love

  • Because I love nature – Phoebe

  • Omdat ik het van mijn mama moet doen en ik klim graag in bomen (because my mother said I had to do it and I like to climb trees)

  • Omdat ik wil helpen om de balans tussen natuur en mensen te herstellen. Daarnaast zijn bomen gewoon mooi! (Because I want to restore the balance between nature and humans. And just because trees are beautiful)

  • Omdat ik de opwarming van de aarde wil helpen en ook voor de vogels – Alexandra (because I want to help with global warming and also for the birds)

  • Voor Knut – Ena, 6 (Knut, the baby ice bear born in the zoo in Germany)

  • Voor moeder-aarde  - Emil, 10

  • Voor mijn over-grootmoeder, Mary Wartel (11/01/1915-02/03/2010) – Emil, 10

  • Voor Mama, oma, Moeke en Ena (four female generations)– Ena, 6

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