Easy Tricks to Eco-Driving

Written by Ilke
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Save fuel up to 20-30%, drive more safely and cut your green house gas emissions!

  •  Shift to a higher gear as soon as possible (above 2000-2500 revolutions);
  •  Drive smoothly: try to keep a constant speed (cruise control where possible) and avoid breaking and speeding. Anticipate the situation in the traffic: let your car “roll” without touching the gas pedal;
  •  Keep distance with the car in front of you, this allows you to drive smoothly;
  •  Keep your speed on the motor way around 100-110 kph;
  •  If you need to break, first try to brake by going down in gear and touch the brake pedal slightly - just to show the one behind you that you will slow down - and only use the brake pedal full force if necessary;
  •  Do not “warm up” your motor before starting to drive in cold weather;
  •  Reverse your car into your driveway while the motor (=oil) is still warm when you come home – so that you can drive off forward in 1st gear right away next time you leave - instead of backing up and then driving off on a cold motor when you leave;
  •  Do not leave the luggage compartment or bike holder on the roof unnecessarily. A filled luggage compartment uses up to 40% of your fuel and an empty one up to 10%; a bike holder with bikes on the roof uses 20-30% of your fuel and consumes much less if placed on the back of your car; * Avoid using air-conditioning and save up to 30% of your fuel;
  •  Turn off the motor if you need to wait more than ˝ minute;
  •  Avoid using the car on very hot days or during smog peaks; if you cannot avoid it lower your speed;
  •  Check the pressure of your tires once a month in order to save fuel and to drive more safely.
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    Commuters can save some $800 a year in gas by keeping their cars maintained, driving smoothly, and using alternative transportation one day a week, according to the American Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) -
    source: Our Planet Weekly, 13 July 2008
    This article can be found in the March 2010 edition of the Sunbeams Newsletter.
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