Happy Biodiversity Year!

Written by Ilke
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The international year of biodiversity has begun and we are now counting down to the end of the year. The Countdown 2010 was launched by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) to call for a global action to halt the loss of biodiversity by 2010.

Their 10 simple steps to make your contribution to help and save biodiversity:

  1. Take public transportation, bike, walk, or carpool to work at least one day a week. Avoid air travel where possible.
  2. Buy food, preferably organic food—vegetables, fruits, dairy, eggs, and meat—from a farmer’s market at least one day a week.
  3. Eat sustainably harvested seafood and farmed fish that is herbivorous, like catfish, tilapia, and shellfish. Avoid farmed carnivorous fish like salmon and shrimp.
  4. Install at least one compact fluorescent light bulb in your home—it will save roughly 30 EUR in electricity and replacement bulb costs each year, and reduce carbon emissions by a ton every three years.
  5. Turn off lights in empty rooms.
  6. Lower the thermostat by at least 1 degree ° C in winter.
  7. Stop using herbicides and pesticides on your lawn.
  8. Only drink wines with natural cork stoppers (instead of synthetic ones).
  9. Tell everyone what you are doing to conserve biodiversity and ask them to join you. Support representatives who act for biodiversity.
  10. Above all, do not waste—reduce your consumption, buy only what you really need, and re-use and re-cycle whatever and whenever you can

Source: www.countdown2010.net

Sunbeams has dedicated several articles on biodiversity. You can find them in the previous newsletters on our website. More information can be found on www.countdown.net , www.iucn.org, www.cbd.int.

If you want to join the Belgian campaign and show your commitment for biodiversity and get a free calendar in Dutch with 366 gestures for the planet check www.ikgeeflevenaanmijnplaneet.be , set up by the Museum of Natural Sciences.

This article was originally published in the January 2010 edition of the Sunbeams newsletter.

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