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Friday, 10 December 2010 14:34

Dr. Jane in Brussels

What does the war in Congo, the chimpanzees, your mobile phone and your daily life have to do with one other? It was this strong and convincing holistic message of inter-connectedness which impressed me the most after hearing Dr. Jane Goodall speak in front of a full auditorium at the Free University of Brussels last 22 November 2010.

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  • Use a variety of plant species, especially hazelnut, hawthorn, and lime tree (tilia/linde/tilleul) are popular.
  • Do not clean up leaves and stems from your garden until after the winter.
  • Practice eco gardening: no pesticide or insecticides.
  • Do not cut the grass too often and leave it high in some spots.
  • Leave some of the nettles, they love it!
  • Flowers provide them with nectar and pollen.
  • Make a shelter for the winter for them and watch them cuddle up.
  • They are the perfect solution for aphids or plant lice on your roses!
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Thursday, 11 November 2010 22:16

Trees and Why We Should be Thankful for Them

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Those who observe it remember all the things they are thankful for: families, friends and blessings such as a house or that dream job. This year, let us add to our list something which has always been there for us but we don't seem to appreciate enough: trees. We know that some trees are a source of food. Others provide lumber and raw materials for making paper and other products. The latter are values trees give us when cut. However, we seem to take for granted that they offer us a number of benefits when they are alive and strong. Besides being grateful for the products we get from them, why else should we be thankful for trees?

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Thursday, 11 November 2010 21:59

GMO's and our health

Last month's article on genetically modified organisms (GMOs), Threshing out the Promises from Reality: a Look at GMOs, highlighted some of the environmental, health and economic issues behind GMOs. Here we'll look a little deeper at how GMOs affect our health. Is there really a danger in consuming GMOs, and if so, what is being done about it?


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Thursday, 11 November 2010 15:09

Carsharing, anyone?

cambioHave you ever considered getting rid of your car?

Let's face it - we all like the convenience of having it just outside the door waiting to be used and take us wherever we want to go. But who wouldn't want to be rid of all the hassle that comes with owning a vehicle: filling it up with expensive gas, checking tyre pressure, refilling window cleaning liquid, standing in line at the Contrôle Technique, expensive insurance, repairs... the list goes on forever. What if there were a way to use a car whenever you really needed one without assuming the responsibility of ownership?  Well, there is: it's called Cambio.


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Tuesday, 12 October 2010 19:21

Sunbeams Newsletter - October 2010

The October (2010) issue of the Sunbeams Newsletter is now online.newsletter1008tn


in this issue: 

a look at GMOs

sunbeams events

'tune in' to birds this autumn

change is in the air

 icon read the newsletter (PDF 600Kb)




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Wednesday, 17 March 2010 17:58

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This article consists of two parts: first is a list of original ideas for eco-friendly presents, followed by the art of giving and receiving. There are also some ideas for sustainable wrapping.

Some original ideas for eco-friendly presents

Just try to imagine all the waste and pollution resulting from the Christmas season - it will make you sad. But, with a little bit of imagination, you can find many original ideas for an eco-friendly Christmas! Here is a list to give you some inspiration:

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