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Sunday, 29 April 2012 15:07

It's springtime! Nature is waking up blossoming with growth and rejuvenation. We too are part of nature and springtime is detox time for us humans! There are plenty of solutions in nature to help us rejuvenate.

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Wednesday, 18 May 2011 13:01

Living in Tune with Spring

By adjusting our lifestyles to live more in sync with nature and our environment, we can restore the balance that we describe as good health.

Living according to the season is an ancient principle for good health, happiness and wellbeing. Our individual bodies are a reflection of the environment. Human beings and all living things are part of nature. We are inseparable from nature and the seasons influence our functioning. To live in balance and harmony, our lifestyles should reflect the current season's rhythms. So what we eat, what we do and how we do things should all reflect the energies of each season. By conforming to nature, we increase our chances of staying healthy and preventing disease from dictating our lifestyles.

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