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270px-EU_energy_labelIn general, the biggest electricity consumers are the water boiler, air-conditioning, aquarium, oven, tumble dryer, halogen spots, TV, and - if they do not have energy saving labels - your fridge, freezer, or dish-washing machine. In Belgium alone, 79 million of electrical equipment is sold every year, or on average 17 products per family a year.

All products also have a hidden consumption of energy. There are two kinds of hidden energy: the energy needed to produce a product and the energy your product consumes without you noticing it.

dry-cleaningThe weather is slowly getting warmer and you’re shedding off your warm, bulky garments for cooler alternatives. Before dropping off your winter clothing at your neighborhood dry cleaner, let this article inform you about the “dirty secrets” of dry cleaning.

Contrary to its name, dry cleaning is not actually ‘dry’ but is called as such because it relies on solvents rather than water to clean and remove stains from clothes. Tetrachloroethylene or perchloroethylene or what is more popularly known as “perc”, is the primary solvent used by the industry. According to Greenpeace, 90% of dry cleaners in the EU rely on this solvent.

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