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Brussels adopts latest version of its Local Agenda 21

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The City of Brussels adopted the new Local Agenda 21. The 2010 version will strengthen and broaden the 2008 actions on sustainable development on the territory of the City.

The City adopted its first Local Agenda 21 in 2008. The program translates concrete actions of the Agenda 21 to the local level. The Agenda 21 is an international declaration with 2,500 recommendations on sustainable development for the planet in the 21st century. The local version allows the recommendations to suit the terrain and its inhabitants.

What are the main goals?

In 2008, 86 actions were organized around 14 goals. In 2010, the Local Agenda 21 passes to 154 actions in 22 domains of action, themselves structured around 5 key objectives. These 5 main goals must be reached via concrete, realistic and easily measurable actions.

The 5 goals of the Local Agenda 21 and its fields of intervention:

  • a modern and effective governance, with fields of intervention: tools of follow-up and evaluation, transparency and access to information, the participation in and raising awareness on sustainable development, the quality of services and management of human resources, public finances, procurement contracts, sharing of experience
  • a management responsible for natural resources, with fields of intervention: biodiversity and green spaces, water policy, energy policy, reduction and valuation of waste, labelling and control of the impact
  • a harmonious urban development, with fields of intervention: town planning, housing environment and housing, mobility
  • more social cohesion and strengthened solidarity, with fields of intervention: health, sports and leisure activities, social integration and equality of opportunity, access to culture and knowledge, international solidarity, living environment
  • a dynamic policy of employment and economic development, with fields of intervention: employment, economic development, social economy

What are action cards?

The 22 fields of intervention contain 154 actions. These actions each have an 'action card' that summarizes:

  • the action
  • its objectives
  • its context

The action cards establish the process of implementation and propose a series of indicators of evaluation to allow to judge the relevance, the concrete results and, if necessary, the development of each action.

Measuring the progress

From 2011, the City of Brussels will publish a report with a balance sheet of the current actions and their progress. This report will allow to know the progress in terms of sustainable development and the development of the Local Agenda 21. It also allows to modify, delete or add certain actions.

see the original article  on the Brussels city website

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