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How is the 2010 forest doing?

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2010 saw the first ever Sunbeams Tree Planting Event. Here is some up-to-date information on how our forest has fared so far.

All parties involved, especially the land owner, guarantee that our forest is and will be properly taken care of, as is also stipulated in Flemish forest law. The trees grew well in spring 2010, until the dry summer caused some problems, especially among the chestnut trees. However, the total mortality on the site only amounts to about 10%, and measures are taken right now to replant patches where necessary. The seedlings came from one of the best tree nurseries in the country, the site is definitely adequate for the species selected (based on scientific information and soil and humidity characteristics. The planting was followed up by 5 forestry professionals and the owner of the site.

To repeat this success, we invite everybody to join our 2011 Tree Planting Event.

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