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The City of Brussels adopted the new Local Agenda 21. The 2010 version will strengthen and broaden the 2008 actions on sustainable development on the territory of the City.

The City adopted its first Local Agenda 21 in 2008. The program translates concrete actions of the Agenda 21 to the local level. The Agenda 21 is an international declaration with 2,500 recommendations on sustainable development for the planet in the 21st century. The local version allows the recommendations to suit the terrain and its inhabitants.

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Thursday, 25 March 2010 14:19

Building Sustainable Cities

transitionnetwork logoClimate change, acid rain, the ozone layer, over-fishing, polluted rivers… the list of environmental problems can seem daunting – and then when solutions appear, it seems there’s another problem just waiting to pop up behind it! What seems to be needed is a concerted effort to reform the foundations of our cities and towns into more sustainable entities that work in harmony with our planet: Fortunately, this is just what several grassroots environmental movements are trying to do. Between the Transition Towns, the Sustainable Neighborhoods, and Agenda 21, cities all over the world (and all over Belgium!) are taking concrete steps to become more sustainable and to cut off environmental problems before they even start.

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Wednesday, 24 March 2010 21:47

All About Fish

Sustainable Fish

If you've been wondering which fish you can still buy with good conscience, without depleting the ocean from endangered species and knowing that your fish was caught in a sustainable way without harming other sea animals, then this small step is for you. An excellent ressource is www.goedevis.nl - that is, if you know what the fish is called in Dutch!

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