Small Step: Inspiration for Saving Water

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Treehugger tells the story of a 9-year-old boy who helped save thousands of liters of water with a school project:

So often there's the sense that only with dramatic change can we bring about a more sustainable world -- but in reality, sometimes all it takes is the imagination of a child. Meet Mason Perez, a 9-year-old from Reno, Nevada, whose science fair project has helped save his community tens of thousands of gallons of water. Two years ago, when he was only seven, the gradeschooler discovered an all-too-common point of waste that had been overlooked by grown-ups there for ages. And, with just one surprisingly simple fix, Mason found a way that the city could conserve one of its most important natural resources. [...]  One day, he was at the a local baseball field enjoying a hot dog with his mother, and afterwards he visited the park's restroom to wash up -- but the water from the faucet was so strong that is was almost too painful for his little hands to bear. That's when he stumbled upon a simple discovery: if the tap was turned down halfway, it was actually just as effective. The youngster began to suspect something which most adults had never thought of -- that reducing water pressure could save a lot of water. [...] "His tests showed savings from 6 to 25 percent. It is common practice for construction workers to leave valves fully open when installing plumbing -- it's important for clearing out new pipes, but evidently unnecessary to stay that way in the long-term" [...] Since 2009, the park has reduced the water pressure in its facilities, saving an untold amount of water and saved 20 percent off their utility bill each month. [...] His project took the top prize at the science fair.

What can you do to save water?

This article was originally published in the July 2011 edition of the Sunbeams Newsletter.

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