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Houseplants are nice additions to homes and they do more than act as décors. Did you know that houseplants are useful for purifying the air you breathe in your home? By adding a few, choice, low maintenance house plants, we can help keep the air inside our homes clean and pure - eliminating pollutants and toxins, counteracting off-gassed chemicals and contributing to balanced internal humidity.

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Thursday, 25 March 2010 14:51

Household Cleaning Ingredients to Avoid

triclosanFor health and environmental reasons, many of us do our best to eat organic produce and free-range meat, or even give up meat altogether. Likewise, we may try to be conscious of the body products we use, making sure that they do not contain harmful or irritating ingredients. While we pay attention to what we ingest and what we use on our bodies, we may be less mindful of the household cleaning products we use, thinking that they will not harm us anyway.

On the contrary, they can harm us. Conventional household products are a big source of indoor air pollutants due to their ingredients. They contain irritating and even carcinogenic components that enter our bodies through inhalation and skin contact. After usage, the harmful ingredients persist in the environment, cause harm to nature, and eventually end up in our bodies through the food we eat.

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Thursday, 31 December 2009 14:49


illuminationDecember, dark mornings, early evenings, winter weather, holidays – It is the season of illumination! Whether an evening at home or inviting family and friends to a festive party – illumination brings atmosphere, comfort, and essential lighting. Illumination via electrical sources also brings increased cost to your pocket and the environment. Can you still light your home festively and be kinder to your pocket and your planet? Absolutely! A few tricks and changes and you're on your way.

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Wednesday, 17 March 2010 16:58

Five Steps to Get Green Energy at Your House

Photo by Vlastula on flickr!Did you know that you easily can get a green supplier for your energy in Belgium? Green electricity in Belgium is derived mainly from wind power, but also is generated from bio-gas (from fermentation), bio-mass (burning agricultural waste without releasing CO2), hydraulic power and solar power. Electricity itself cannot be more or less “green”, but using a green supplier makes sure they will invest part of their profits in renewable resources.

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Wednesday, 17 March 2010 16:53

Energy Investments

certificat-energieEnergy Performance Certificates

Starting from 2009, you can ask for an Energy Performance Certificate when buying or renting a house. Such a certificate gives you an idea of how energy-efficient your house or apartment actually is. Taking into account things like insulation, heating, design of the building and ventilation, the certificate gives you a precise idea of how high your future energy bill will be when you actually live in your new dwelling. Energy performance certificates are valid for ten years, unless renovations are made before the date of expiration, which would make an earlier revision useful. The certificate is handed over to each new owner and a copy of it is provided in case you let.

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Wednesday, 17 March 2010 15:03

Upgrade Your House to Save Energy

energy-auditYou want to do something about the energy efficiency of your house? But where to start? Solar panels are very popular, but are maybe not the most efficient first step in your personal energy investment program.

First of all, you need to get the picture of the current status: an energy audit would be a good start. Optimizing your insulation and in door ventilation would be wise areas to investigate first.

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