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Eco-challenge: Drink Tap Water

Written by Alex
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This will be our challenge for this month:

  1. Tap water in Belgium is safe and needs to qualify to 55 EU and WHO criteria and you can read all about it on in English (under "Practical Information").
  2. At first it might have a chlorine smell/taste, but if you leave it for 10 minutes most of it has evaporated!
  3. A squeeze of fresh lemon juice might make miracles as to the taste!
  4. If you want to read about the impact of you drinking bottled water (waste, health, etc.) have a look at this article from
  5. If you prefer to use a water filter jug (e.g. BRITA) only use very cold water and store it in the fridge if you intend to keep it longer than a day (max. 2 days in total!)
  6. It is up to 100x cheaper than bottled water!
  7. Imagine how much waste and transport you could avoid by providing each family member with their own refillable drinking bottle!
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