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Eco-challenge: Get a Weekly Organic Basket

Written by Alex
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get access to a weekly organic fruit and vegetable basket in your neighborhood!

There are many reasons to do this:

  1. For your health: you will get a nice amount of fruit and vegetables every week, they are as fresh as they can be and they are organic and to say it with Michael Pollan's words: this is REAL food;
  2. For the environment: buying locally reduces your ecological footprint avoiding food miles (transport of your food) - even the fair trade ones come by boat which is less polluting than airplanes - it reduces packaging (no plastic involved);
  3. For your taste: nothing tastes as good as these fresh and organic treasures;
  4. For the wellbeing of traditional farmers versus the big food industry: both the local ones and the fair trade partners in developing countries;
  5. For biodiversity: some of the vegetables are almost forgotten and have become unavailable in our supermarkets, but taste lovely and are very nutritious.

Check out a selection of addresses, recipe books, season calendars and more in our article.

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