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Monday, 05 December 2011 12:03

Top 10 Tips for a Real Holiday Season

Champagne corks flying.... late nights out... 5 course dinners... gifts... swinging parties... tempting sweets... socializing with family and friends... piles of wrapping paper... cocktails... traveling across town (or the world)... shopping... decadent chocolates... Welcome to the Holiday Season! With all the festivities and so many things to prepare and do, the holidays can easily throw us off kilter, and lead to feeling rundown, even stressed by it all! With a little planning and positive intention, you can get through the season and come out of it feeling and looking great, and even help others and the environment along the way. To help create balance in and around your life, read on!

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Tuesday, 13 April 2010 20:13

Eco-challenge: Green Your Holidays

Green your Holidays

already thinking about your next break? Give the planet a break at the same time by trying reduce the environmental impact of your little escape. Have a look at our holidays page for some suggestions.

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perfectsummerMagazines, brochures, flyers, internet deals, and ideas from friends and family have poured through the door, each one describing the perfect activities to do. Stages, day trips, the beach, castles and zoos fill the recesses of your mind with thoughts of what is perfect for summer learning and fun. What to do, what to do?

Children young and old, parents and, maybe, grand-parents, too, all mixed together with heat and sun interspersed through cold and rain - where do you find the recipe for the perfect summer? Oh, and lest it be forget, the dawning of the more ecologically conscious day tripper/traveller has arrived on your doorstep to add to the complexity of summer planning. This is a tall order to be filled for any family if old planning/mapping techniques are followed. It is time to bring out your family’s internal GPS/SatNav systems and navigate your way to the perfect summer. Step back, sit down and breathe gently.

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